5 things about planning parties in the Wausau area

Want to throw a party in the Wausau area? Get the parties rolling with these party-planning tips, ideas and suggestions.


  1. You’d be surprised at the variety of facilities at parks and park-like settings around Central Wisconsin for gatherings of any size—many can handle hundreds of people. Some even offer kitchen facilities and overnight lodging, because they’re set up to handle summer campers, like the Woodson YMCA’s Camp Sturtevnt. 
  2. No matter what the occasion, it’s important that you dress with intent. What you wear becomes part of the décor and the atmosphere you are trying to create.
  3. Whether you hire a pro or borrow a friend who’s handy with a camera, it’s not always as easy and just walking up and taking photos for an hour. Some places charge a fee, even public parks, like Rib Mountain. 
  4. If you’re closing off a street and playing music after dark during your party, you’ll probably need a permit. A block party permit in Wausau is $31.50 and the party must be done before sunset and the street must be open before dusk.
  5. Sunrise and sunset times matter, but they aren’t markers most people just “know” with much accuracy. For example, September days can feel like summer, but the sun goes down way earlier, and it’s full-on dark by 7:30 pm. Conversely, days in May can be chilly, but they last until 8:30 pm.

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