Bad week for: Wausau-area zombie comic


A “rural noir” horror comic book set in the Wausau area and written by a D.C. Everest graduate is about to come to an end after publishing just under 50 issues.

Revival No. 47, the last issue of a comic about the undead taking over the Wausau area, published Feb. 22. Drawn by Tim Seeley, who graduated from D.C. Everest High School in the 1990s, the comic was released through Image Publishing with the first issue hitting stands July 2012.

Seeley grew up in Ringle and got his start in the comic industry as an artist. He wrote the Revival series and traveled back to Wausau with fellow artist Mike Norton to research the series. Wausau area residents likely noticed many familiar settings in the book, such as The Mint Café and Rothschild Police Department where one of the main characters works. 


Writing a comic book based in the Wausau area was both a blessing and a curse, Seeley says. It was freeing not to have to invent locations, but at the same time also more restricting because he wanted to make sure he got everything right, Seeley says. “I hope it was fun for people to see their town on the page, getting destroyed by zombies and militants,” Seeley says.

The last issue and other collected versions of Revival are available at places such as Johnny Cee Cards or online through websites such as (B.C.K.)