BECCA’S CAFE opening second restaurant in WESTON

Jason Lowman Becca's

B.C. Kowalski

Jason Lowman Becca’s

Jason Lowman at Becca’s Cafe in Rib Mountain.

When Jason and Rebecca Lowman opened Becca’s Café in 2008, it wasn’t exactly the best time to start a business. A week after the doors opened on the fast-casual restaurant on Rib Mountain Drive, news of the financial crash hit and soon money was tight for most folks.

But Becca’s Café is one of the area’s businesses to come through the recession stronger than ever. It added a second floor mezzanine to handle an often overflow of customers and now will open a second location in Weston. Jason Lowman says the restaurant weathered the storm by maintaining strong customer service and offering something unique—flavorful sandwiches, wraps, salads, plus healthy smoothies.

The Weston location, on Camp Phillips and Schofield Avenue, was an obvious choice, Lowman says. The couple are from Weston and the village is growing. “We’re aware of a lack of options,” Lowman says. “There’s a need in that area so it seemed like the right place for us.”

The new location won’t be a carbon copy of the Rib Mountain Becca’s, Lowman says, and that’s by design. The new restaurant will serve breakfast and dinner, and nighttime customers can expect servers to come by with dessert trays.

That’s something Lowman envisions for Becca’s going forward. While future restaurants, if they decide to open more, would retain a core theme, they would also change to fit their neighborhood. It’s one of the reasons he wanted the Weston Becca’s to be just a little different. Right now there aren’t any plans for future Becca’s.

The restaurant has been a success, Lowman says, by offering something not readily available: a fast-casual restaurant—locally owned—that allows diners to eat quickly and get back to the office or go about their day. Becca’s had to open a second floor mezzanine, Lowman says, because customers would come to the door, see how busy it was, and walk away.

Construction will start soon on the new location, next to Marathon Endurance. The Lowmans aim to open the new restaurant in November.