BUZZ: Eccentric delights

New shop in downtown Wausau brings back a missing vibe

If you miss the Tea Shop, once located on Third Street and later in the Wausau Center mall before closing in 2015, you’re in luck. A new store is opening in downtown Wausau that’s filled with merchandise that harks back to now-closed local stores the Tea Shop, Inner Well, and Jellyfish Joy.

Brooke Ventura Rodriguez’s Eccentric Co. Emporium opens Monday, May 1, in the Third Street Lifestyle Center (formerly known as Washington Square) across from Absolute Hair. Contained inside are all things you would imagine a place with such a name to have: crystals, stones, incense, body accessories, jewelry, and even more unusual items including decorative aged paper, books about spirituality, and steampunk lamps made of pipe fitting materials.


Brooke Ventura Rodriguez opens Eccentric Co. Emporium next week in downtown Wausau’s Third Street Lifestyle Center, at 300 Third St.

Ventura Rodriguez, a hair stylist at Absolute Hair, has thought about opening such a store for about three years. With shops like The Inner Well and Tea Shoppe closed now, there’s a definite need for this type of store, she says. In fact, Ventura Rodriguez will carry Lynn Salzman’s Jellyfish Joy glass creations, plus products from other local artisans—something Ventura Rodriguez says is important to her.

“I want a place where everyone can feel comfortable coming in and find something no matter what age or religion you are,” Ventura Rodriguez says.

Ventura Rodriguez was also recently certified in Reiki and is considering offering Reiki and other workshops at the shop. Find Eccentric Co. Emporium on Facebook.