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City officials: Wausau water is now PFAS free 

wausau PFAS water

City leaders say the water coming through the taps in city of Wausau homes is now PFAS free. 

The city connected the new water treatment plant to the main piping system on Dec. 20, but the water needed time to push out all the old water through the system, city officials say. 

Wausau residents for nearly a year have been using filter pitchers to remove excess PFAS from their drinking water after city officials announced in early 2022 that all six wells tested higher than state recommendations for PFAS. PFAS are chemicals used in the manufacturing of everyday products that are hazardous to human health. 

The city is filtering the water with a temporary resin filter that is costing $800,000 per year. The city will soon switch over to a granulated active carbon filter, or GAC filter, that should operate at a lower cost. Officials are seeking grants to help pay for that. 

Residents learned only recently that water bills later this year will be increasing more than 60%, with a slight rise in sewer bills as well. 

City officials say residents can stop using their pitcher filters if they like. The city last spring gave out special filters to help filter out any excess PFAS in their drinking water.

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