Crowdfunding for VOX BUILDING climbs

A permanent venue project for the Marshfield-based Vox Concert Series has drawn enough support to reach its first crowdfunding goal, organizers report.



Shaun Hague is one of many artists slated to perform in the Vox Concert Series. The Vox organization is raising money to support a new concert venue for future shows.

The campaign would fund a permanent building for the concert series that draws independent touring acts to Marshfield and draws concertgoers from around central Wisconsin. Currently, events are being held at Wildwood Station Pavilion and at Columbia Park Band Shell.

The Vox organization bought a commercial space in Marshfield’s downtown in July and organizers hope to open it as a concert venue called The Vox by April 2017.

Vox so far raised more than $6,500 in two days to support the project. That meets the organization’s first goal, which will go toward new bathrooms and making the venue compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act regulations. Vox aims to raise $18,000 to fully renovate the space, according to the organization’s kickstarter page.

The crowd-funding campaign runs through Nov. 30.