Lake Wausau PFAS

DNR issues Lake Wausau PFAS advisory limiting fish consumption

Lake Wausau PFAS

Wausau residents might have thought their PFAS worries were over with the news that Wausau’s water is now PFAS-free — but recently the DNR has issued a Lake Wausau PFAS advisory related to fish consumption. 

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources issued an advisory for Lake Wausau, as well as the Stevens Point Flowage in Portage County. The advisory warns about elevated risk of PFAS contamination from certain species of fish. 

DNR scientists recommend only eating up to one meal per week of black crappie, bluegill, rock bass and yellow perch. Carp and rehorse remain the same at a recommended one meal per month. 

According to the DNR, “Health risks may increase when fish with high levels of PFAS are consumed. These can include increased cholesterol levels, decreased immune response, and decreased fertility in women, among other health effects.” 

The changes came after testing revealed concerning levels of PFAS in those fish species.

Lake Wausau PFAS advisory issued

Black CrappieGeneral/Statewide*1 meal/week
BluegillGeneral/Statewide*1 meal/week
Rock BassGeneral/Statewide*1 meal/week
Yellow PerchGeneral/Statewide*1 meal/week
Common Carp   1 meal/month (PCBs)1 meal/month (PCBs) (No Change)  
Redhorse1 meal/month (PCBs)1 meal/month (PCBs) (No Change)
WDNR advisory for Lake Wausau