Eastbay/Footlocker to lay off more than 200

eastbay footlocker layoffs

Eastbay/Footlocker will be laying off more than 200 workers and closing its distribution center next year, according to a letter the company send the Department of Workforce Development.

According to the letter, which Eastbay’s general counsel sent to the DWD, Mayor Katie Rosenberg and the North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board, the company plans to make an initial layoff of 162 employees Jan. 31. It will then lay off another 48 on or before April 30.

Companies are required by state law to notify the Department of Workforce Development when they make significant layoffs. The DWD usually provides assistance such as job searching and job training to affected workers.

Eastbay was started in Wausau and grew to a national company, but had been moving employees and resources to Florida. It recently closed down the retail outlet.

See the letter yourself here.

The company also recently sold its team sales business.