Despite assurances in October that closure was not imminent for Globe University’s Wisconsin campuses, the for-profit school will “discontinue operations” in the state on Dec. 31.

According to the school’s website:

Globe will continue to operate, but will officially discontinue operations as Globe University at the South Dakota and Wisconsin campuses, as of December 31, 2016. Globe will be transferring administration of those campuses for teach-out purposes to Broadview University. Students in South Dakota and Wisconsin will have the option to complete their program at their existing location or online through a teach-out agreement approved with Broadview University.

Rumors about a potential closure swirled earlier this year in the wake of a Minnesota court ruling that put new enrollment on hold for Globe. The Woodbury, Minn. based school system in May closed four Minnesota campuses following a fraud lawsuit brought by Minn. Attorney General Lori Swanson.

The lawsuit alleges the school intentionally misled students about the value of the s

Globe University 101316

B.C. Kowalski/City Pages

Globe University 101316

Globe University will cease operations on Dec. 31 at all Wisconsin campuses, according to the school’s website.

chool’s degrees and inflated graduates’ success in the job market. There were also questions about whether the school’s criminal justice program met accreditation standards, though those questions don’t apply to Wisconsin, Knoll says.

In October, Michelle Knoll, senior marketing and communications manager for Globe, said there were “absolutely no plans to close any Wisconsin campuses.”

Globe currently operates six campuses in the state. Despite the shutdown, students will be given the option to complete their degree programs.

For-profit schools are facing major challenges on several fronts after a period of rapid growth. Closures of high-profile schools such as ITT Technical Institute have left thousands of students in limbo while raising questions about the future of an industry that provides training for vocational, technical and other mid-level skilled jobs.

 Federal and state officials nationwide have filed suits or launched investigations into predatory lending and false advertising by some leading chains. The Obama administration is trying to reshape the industry by pushing new regulations that would tie student debt limits to job prospects and make it easier for students to have their loans forgiven if they were defrauded.

On Sept. 15, Globe received an order from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education revoking its license to operate in that state. An appeal is underway.

There are 92 students enrolled at the Wausau campus.