Government offices and elections

Local government offices

City of Wausau

City Hall  407 Grant St., 715-261-6500,

Clerk  715-261-6620, Toni Rayala

Treasurer  715-261-6640, Maryanne Groat

Assessor  715-261-6600, Richard Rubow

Police  715-261-7800 (non-emerg.) press 1 after hours. 515 Grand Ave., Jeff Hardel, police chief

Fire Department  715-261-7900 (non-emerg.). 606 E. Thomas St., Tracey Kujawa, fire chief

Municipal Court  715-261-6650, Judge Mark Sauer

Park, Recreation & Forestry  715-261-1550, 212 River Dr., Jamie Polley, director

Building & Electrical Inspections  715-261-6780, Bill Hebert, chief inspector and zoning administrator

Public Works & Utilities  715-261-6740, Eric Lindman, director of public works

Metro Ride (bus system)  715-842-9287, 420 Plumer St., Greg Seubert, director

Wausau Water Works  715-261-6530, Eric Lindman, director

Marathon County

Departments are located in the Courthouse, 500 Forest St., Wausau, unless otherwise noted

General Information  715-261-1000

County Administrator  715-261-1400, Brad Karger

Deputy Administrator  715-261-1400, Lance Leonhard

Aging & Disability Resource Center  1000 Lakeview Dr., Wausau, 715-261-6070, toll free 888-486-9545, Jonette Arms, director • For seniors 60+, any adults with disabilities and their caregivers, family and friends. Information and assistance, nutrition and caregiver programs, benefit assistance, prevention & wellness programs.

Central Wisconsin Airport  200 CWA Dr. Ste. 201, Mosinee, 715-693-2147. Brian Grefe, manager

Circuit Court Judges (elected)

Jill Falstad (Branch 1), 715-261-1335

Greg Huber (2), 715-261-1350

LaMont Jacobson (3), 715-261-1360

Gregory Strasser (4), 715-261-1370

Mike Moran (5), 715-261-1381

Court commissioners  

Sandra Marcus, 715-261-1380

Douglas Bauman, 715-261-1320

Calvin Dexter, 715-261-7012

Gary Olstad

Clerk of Courts (elected)

Shirley Lang, 715-261-1333

Civil cases, 715-261-1310

Criminal, 715-261-1270

Juvenile, 715-261-1265

Small claims, 715-261-1310

Traffic, 715-261-1270

Juries, 715-261-1314

Conservation, Planning, Zoning  715-261-6000, 210 River Dr., Wausau. Rebecca Frisch, director • Strategies to preserve natural and community resources. Also soil conservation and water quality, permits, enforces building/land ordinances, includes surveyor’s office.

Corporation Counsel  715-261-1140, Scott Corbett • Legal advice to county board, Social Services and Child Support, handles alcohol/drug and mental commitments.

County Clerk (elected)  715-261-1500, Nan Kottke • Chief elections official. Issues marriage licenses, declarations of domestic partnership, passports and direct seller permits. Property value data, maps and other info.

County Treasurer (elected)  715-261-1150, Audrey Jensen • Handles county money, property taxes, assessments, property tax records.

District Attorney (elected)  715-261-1111, Theresa Wetzseon • Prosecutes crimes and traffic violations committed in county.

Employee Resources  715-261-1451, Frank Matel, director • Assists departments in hiring, negotiations and personnel matters.

Employment and Training  In the Jobs Center at 364 Grand Ave., 715-261-8700. Kristine Porter, director • No longer county-run, but with services privately provided by Forward Service Corp. Help with employment and W-2 administration.

Finance  715-261-1170, Kristi Palmer, finance director • Handles county financial data, debt management, benefits and investments.

Health  715-261-1900, 1000 Lakeview Dr., Ste. 100, Wausau. Joan Theurer, health officer • Stats, programs and coordination in public health, including chronic, communicable and sexually transmitted diseases, environmental health, prenatal care, immunizations, lead-poisoning, licensing, asbestos, radon, water tests, nuisance complaints.

Highway  715-261-1800, 1430 West St., Wausau. James Griesbach, commissioner • Maintains and constructs county roads, contracted to maintain state highways.

Medical Examiner  715-261-1199, Jessica Blahnik • Investigates untimely deaths or deaths where a doctor was not present.

Parks, Recreation, Forestry  715-261-1550, 212 River Dr., Wausau. Jamie Polley, director • Parks, forests, trails, adult and youth rec programs.

Public Library  Headquarters at 300 N. First St., Wausau, 715-261-7200. Ralph Illick, director

Athens branch  715-257-7292, 221 Caroline St.

Edgar  715-352-3155, 224 S. Third Ave.

Hatley  715-446-3537, 435 Curtis Ave.

Marathon  715-443-2775, 515 Washington St.

Mosinee  715-693-2144, 123 Main St.

Rothschild  715-359-6208, 211 Grand Ave.

Spencer  715-659-3996, 105 Park St.

Stratford  715-687-4420, 400 N. Fourth Ave.

Register of Deeds (elected)  715-261-1470, Michael Sydow • Public records including births, marriages, deaths, deeds, mortgages, real estate, veterans discharges, incorporations, partnerships, survey maps & more.

Sheriff (elected)  715-261-1200, Scott Parks • Chad Billeb, chief deputy • Law enforcement, administers jail and juvenile detention facility.

Social Services  715-261-7500, 400 E. Thomas St., Wausau. Vicki Tylka, director • Protective services for children, foster and group home placements. Food stamps and medical assistance. Establishes paternity, helps enforce child support payments.

Solid Waste (Landfill)  715-446-3101, toll-free info line 877-270-3989,, R18500 Hwy. 29, Ringle. Meleesa Johnson director, David Hagenbucher site manager • Recycling, special waste management options, waste reduction and environmental education; hazardous waste disposal services for residents, farmers and businesses, operates the county landfill.

Special Education  715-261-1980, 1200 Lakeview Dr., Ste. 350, Wausau. Kelly Kapitz, administrator

Veterans Services  715-261-1141, 212 River Dr., Wausau. Scott Berger, service officer • Liaison between agencies and the veteran. Assists with pensions, compensation, benefits, schooling, medical treatment, insurance, records, burial benefits, etc.

University of Wisconsin-Extension  715-261-1230, 212 River Dr., Wausau  

City of Schofield

City Hall  200 Park St., 715-359-5230,

Clerk  Lisa Quinn  

Public Works  Mark Thuot, 715-571-7893

Village of Kronenwetter

Municipal Center  1582 Kronenwetter Dr.,, 715-693-4200 (most depts.)

Administrator Richard Downey, ext. 102

Parks Christopher Johnson, ext. 112

Water & Sewer Sheila Mackoway, 715-693-5732

Public Works Christopher Johnson, ext. 112

Community Development/Zoning Randy Fifrick, ext. 113

Building Inspection Emily Wheaton, ext. 107

Clerk Cindy Falkowski, ext. 111

Treasurer Emily Ley, ext. 105

Assessor Associated Appraisals Consultants, 800-721-4157

Police Chief Terry McHugh, 715-693-4215 ext 117

Fire Chief Kristopher Grod, 715-693-4200, ext. 123

Village of Weston

Municipal Center  5500 Schofield Ave.,, 715-359-6114 (most depts.)

Administrator  Keith Donner, acting

Clerk Sherry Weinkauf, 715-241-2626

Finance Director/Treasurer Jessica Trautman, 715-241-2605

Village Administrator Keith Donner, 715-241-6114

Public Works Director Michael Wodalski, 715-241-2636

Parks Shawn Osterbrink,715-359-9988

Water & Sewer Utility 715-359-2876, 5500 Schofield Ave. (24 hours)

Inspections Scott Tatro, 715-359-6114

Planning and Development Jennifer Higgins, director, 715-241-2638

Town of Weston

Town Hall  5209 Mesker St., 715-241-8209, open by appointment only.

City of Mosinee

City Hall  225 Main St., 715-693-2275,

City Administrator  Jeff Gates

Clerk/Treasurer  Bruce Jamroz

Police  715-693-2000 (non-emerg.), Chief Ken Muelling

Public Works  Kevin Breit, 715-693-3840

Town of Rib Mountain

Town Hall  3700 N. Mountain Rd., 715-842-0983 (most depts.),

Administrator Gaylene Rhoden

Clerk Joanne Ruechel

Finance Director Nicole Dunbar

Sanitary District 5703 Lilac Ave., 715-359-6177

Comm. Development/Zoning Administrator Steve Kunst

Building Inspector Paul Kufahl

Streets and Parks Superintendent Scott Turner

Village of Rothschild

Municipal Center  211 Grand Ave.,, 715-359-3660 (most depts.), [email protected]

Administrator Gary Olsen

Clerk Elizabeth Felkner

Treasurer/Water Utility Clerk Sandra Balz

Administrative Assistant/Deputy Clerk Stacey Stepan

Building Inspector Mike Block

Police Chief Jeremy Hunt, 715-359-3879 (non-emerg.)

Public Works Timothy Vergara

AssessorAccurate, 800-770-3927

The scoop on local elections and results

Most seats for municipal offices are two-year terms. School board terms are three years. School board, village and city races are nonpartisan, with elections held the first Tuesday in April. Four-year county positions including sheriff and county clerk run as partisan seats, with elections in November.

On election day, see results posted as they come in at the Marathon County Election Results website.

Want to run for local office?

Nomination papers or declarations of candidacy are due by 5 pm Jan. 5, for April elections. Nomination papers can first be circulated Dec. 1.