HIGHLIGHT: The Affordable Care Act–Aftermath and Consequences

Presentation and Q&A:

Thursday 4/6, UW Center for Civic Engagement, Wausau 


The creation of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has stirred much political debate. Under the new Trump administration, the ACA will likely undergo changes, be repealed, replaced, or a variety of other possibilities. In this lecture, WIPPS Economics Fellow and retired professor of economics at Lawrence University, Dr. Marty Finkler presents possible scenarios and their effects. Finkler is a well-known expert in the economics of medical care and health policy and has taught a variety of courses and made business presentations on the subject. He discusses provisions of the ACA, the effect it has had on insurance coverage, cost, choice and overall health, the actions taken thus far by Congress and the Trump administration, what political partisans might and might not agree on, and speculations about “Repeal and Replace.” A Q&A follows the lecture. 7 pm. Free, open to the public. 715-261-6368, wipps.org.