(First published in the February 28, 2019 issue of City Pages) 

Tiny Tree



From Michigan, this group deems themselves “a two man army of riffs and thunder.” Formed by powerhouse drummer Paul Jensen and riff master Addison Eilers, they create an abstract sound that relies on tone, complexity and aggression. Strongly rooted in heavy metal and post punk, the duo layers their tunes with feedback, thick guitar cords, tribal like drums, strong vocals and experimentalism. It’s an explosive and direct sound with pounding drums and tons of energy. They are joined by local favorite Wardehns, a hard rock and metal trio. 10 pm. 715-845-6184.

Tactile Art Explorations: Ann Cunningham Artist Residency



Ann Cunningham

Yes, you can touch that. Beginning March 2, the Woodson Art Museum is showcasing its inaugural tactile art exhibition, featuring five avian sculptures. This touchable installation is the first in an ongoing series that encourages visitors to experience artwork through touch. In correlation with the exhibit, the museum is hosting tactile sculptor Ann Cunningham for an artist residency. Her work in the field of tactile art has led her to research and develop
art education practices for individuals with low vision and blindness. Join her for public programs complementing this new exhibit. 715-845-7010.

Art 101: Tactile Art Survey · Thurs. Learn history and evolution of touchable artwork in museums with Ann Cunningham. 5:30-6:30 pm

Hands-on Art: Delicate Designs · Thurs. Drop in to cut elegant patterns from an individual sheet of folded tissue. 5:30-7 pm.

Art Beyond Sight · Sat. Those with low vision or blindness join for guided experiences exploring tactile art exhibition with hands-on art making. 10:30 am-noon. 715-845-7010

Art Appreciation through Touch · Sat. Guided introduction to the new tactile art exhibition, In Touch with Art with sculptor Ann Cunningham and Museum educator Catie Anderson. 2-3 pm.

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