HMONG Memorial unveiled SATURDAY


B.C. Kowalski

A Hmong veterans memorial will be unveiled Saturday at the Marathon County Courthouse.

A Hmong veterans memorial slated to be unveiled in Wausau earlier in the year will be dedicated on Saturday, organizers say.

The memorial was constructed on the southeast corner of the Marathon County Courthouse Monday, and will honor Hmong veterans who fought for the U.S. during the secret wars in Laos and Cambodia.

The memorial was originally to be installed in June but was delayed because of a debate about which names should go on the memorial, says County Board Member Yee Leng Xiong. The question was whether a veteran had to actually see combat to be on the memorial. Ultimately it was decided not to have names on the memorial at all, Xiong says. The memorial, installed this week but kept under wraps, will be unveiled 10 am Saturday.