rothschild snowmobile trail

How a Rothschild snowmobile trail is being revived

Rothschild Snowmobile trail
Members of the Rothschild Urbanaires snowmobile club have been working on restoring a Rothschild snowmobile trail that went dormant. (Photo from Rothschild Urbanaires)

A 13-mile Rothschild snowmobile trail that went dormant for a few years will be back up and running this year. 

The trail runs from Indianhead Golf Course in Mosinee to Highway J in Weston. It is funded and will open this year. 

Rothschild Urbanaires Snowmobile Club has been out working on the trail, says Steve Gabower, the club’s secretary. Gabower tells City Pages that the club got funding from hotels because the trail runs along six hotels, seven restaurants, four bars and even near a couple of gas stations. 

The trail had gone dormant for a few years because of lack of funding, Gabower says, but now it’s fully funded and the club just received its last needed landowner permission on Monday. 

“Talking with people around the community, they’re excited to have it back,” Gabower says. The trail also connects to the larger trail system, making it even more useful. 

Club members are out fixing storm damage right now, Gabower told City Pages. More snow is needed before the trail can open. But prospects for the trail are looking good.

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