Is WAUSAU a WELCOMING community?

Leaders of a new program exploring diversity in Wausau have released a survey asking for more feedback from residents.

Toward One Wausau

B.C. Kowalski/City Pages

Toward One Wausau

David Deon, speaking at Toward One Wausau’s first public meeting, held at the UW-Marathon County Oct. 26.

Toward One Wausau launched a survey asking residents their views on whether Wausau is a welcoming, friendly place for newcomers of varying backgrounds, or something below that standard.

The six-question survey can be found online, says organizer Maysee Herr, who also serves on Marathon County’s Diversity Affairs Committee. Data collected from the survey will be used to analyze trends in the Wausau area and facilitate a series of dialogues in March. Area minority organizations and police agencies are both supportive of the project.

Herr, who is a UW-Stevens Point professor and consultant, says the approach Toward One Wausau has taken is one that goes beyond being lectured to and focuses on fostering dialogue and gathering real data.

In conjunction, the county is working on a race study in the criminal justice system. Marathon County Administrator Brad Karger says the study isn’t to point fingers but to get a snapshot of the community so everyone can be on the same page with the same data. It’s being created with Stan Davis, an adjunct UW Law School professor and former deputy chief of staff and chief legal counsel to former Gov. Jim Doyle. Davis also served as assistant attorney general in the state Dept. of Justice.

Find the survey at: