Marathon County Sheriff’s Office

Police say Craig Gates, 39, Daryl Harris, 34 and Cassidy Milonczyk, 18, were arrested following a traffic stop.

The Marathon County Special Investigations Unit this week seized $60,000 worth of heroin in what officials say is the largest heroin bust in Marathon County history.

Cassidy Milonczyk, 18, Craig Gates, 39 and Daryl Harris, 34, were arrested following a traffic stop on I-39 near Mosinee, police say. Police searched the vehicle the three were riding in and found a loaded handgun along with 151 grams of heroin, according to a news release.

Marathon County Sheriff’s Lt. Randy Albert, head of the SIU, says the amount of heroin confiscated represents about 6,000 doses of the drug.  An average user takes between one and two doses per day, Albert says.

“It’s about 3,000 days worth for one user, or enough to keep 100 users supplied for a month or more,” he says.


Marathon County Sheriff’s Office

The amount of heroin seized represents about 6,000 doses of the drug, says Marathon County Sheriff’s Lt. Randy Albert.

All three suspects are being held in the Marathon County Jail and are facing a variety of drug trafficking and weapons charges.

The SIU is a multi-jurisdictional drug enforcement unit with members from the Wausau and Everest Metro Police Departments and the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office. The Mosinee Police Department assisted in the traffic stop, according to a written statement by Sheriff Scott Parks.