Major recycling increase reported in Wausau

Recycling in Wausau increased by 40% since the city switched to a new garbage system, according to the city’s finance director.

When city leaders in March 2015 approved the new 10-year, $13.2 million contract with Harter’s Fox Valley Disposal, one goal was to increase recycling among residents. Harter’s offers larger recycling bins and doesn’t require sorting, unlike the previous system.

Alderman Romey Wagner praised the increase in recycling and says he has received mostly positive feedback from residents, especially those who appreciate the uniformity of the trash bins. In the past, trash could be placed curbside in bags or in just about any size container for pickup.

Romey Wagner

Romey Wagner

“We used to look like a slum shithole on garbage day,” Wagner says. “Now those carts line the street neatly, and everything looks so much better. It’s very much a positive image.”

One recurring complaint is the small size of the garbage bin, something that can be remedied by upgrading to a larger cart or renting a second one, Wagner says. Extra bags of trash also can be picked up for $1 each. Call Harter’s Fox Valley Disposal at 888-804-8556.