Marathon County Energy Task Force

Marathon County eyeing energy task force

Marathon County Energy

County leaders are working on developing the bones of an energy task force that could examine the county’s energy use. 

Brought forward by County Board Member Ann Lemmer, the task force would take inventory of the county’s energy saving efforts so far, as well as look for opportunities to become more green, saving the county money in the process. 

Lemmer pointed out that her energy bills, similar to others around the state, have dramatically increased. With budgets tight, looking at ways to reduce spending on energy makes sense. 

County Board Chair Kurt Gibbs says he supports the task force idea. Gibbs says energy efficiency is something the county thinks about when it designs buildings. North Central Health Care’s campus renovation heavily considered energy efficiency in its design for instance, Gibbs points out. 

Lemmer and others plan to iron out what the task force’s duties would be. The Human Resources, Finance and Property Committee would recommend it to the Executive Committee, and then after that the county board would need to approve it.