Marathon County residents are seeking the removal from the young adult section a book they say is pornographic 

A number of parents and community members in the community are angry about a book that the library has in its circulation. 

An infographic posted on social media last week called for residents to speak out at a recent library board Monday for the removal of Gender Queer, a graphic novel included in the library’s young adult section. Speakers at the Library Board Meeting Monday called the book pornographic and said it should not receive first amendment protections because it is providing pornography to kids. 

Gender Queer, written by Maia Kobabe, is a graphic novel detailing Kobabe’s life as a non-binary and asexual person. Kobabe goes by the e/em/eir pronouns, according to the book’s synopsis. The book is a common one to be banned, and has been included on lists of banned books in schools in many states including Texas and Florida. Many cite the book’s illustrations of nude people and sexual scenarios as inappropriate for children. 

Speakers Monday said the book was pornographic and shouldn’t be included in the library. Others said much of the young adult section are Japanese graphic novels they also called pornographic (called manga) and should also be removed. 

County Board Supervisor Timothy Sondelski said he’s received several complaints about the book and that he had concerns about the book itself.

The book has begun its process through the library’s reconsideration procedure after the complaint has gone through the director. A reconsideration committee has been formed including two library board members and professional reviews of the book and as many copies of it as possible will be gathered. The committee will discuss and make recommendations to the library director, who will then make a decision on the book. 

The director’s decision could still be appealed, and would ultimately come to the Marathon County Library Board.