Months-long investigation unravels surprisingly large central Wisconsin meth ring

wausau police narcotics task force meth ring

An investigation by the Central Wisconsin Narcotics Task Force led to one of the biggest meth ring busts in the Western District’s history. 

The months-long investigation led to eight indictments, and seizures of 20 pounds of methamphetamines, $104,000 in cash, several vehicles, a house and 15 firearms, police say. 

According to police reports, Levi Bagne was the leader of a drug trafficking ring that brought methamphetamines from Arizona to Wisconsin, mostly in Marathon and Lincoln counties. Six of the eight conspirators, which included at least two women, have already been sentenced. Bagne, the group’s leader, received the longest sentence at 16 years in federal prison. 

A memo from the U.S. Attorney’s office said it was the biggest meth trafficking organization in the Western Court District in recent memory.