Great Pineries Heritage Waterway

New Great Pinery Heritage Waterway trail is now DNR official

Great Pineries Heritage Waterway

The new Great Pinery Heritage Waterway, which includes many of the Wausau area’s waterways, is now DNR official. 

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources added the waterway to its official list. That makes it the 21st such trail to be listed. 

The Great Pinery Heritage Waterway trail was developed last year by the Wausau and Marathon County Parks Foundation, which created the trail to add one more visitor draw to the area. The Great Pinery is a series of lakes, streams and rivers designated as a trail. It starts from Oneida County and finishes in Lake DuBay in Portage County. The trail traverses through several lakes and rivers in the Wausau area and Marathon County. 

The trail’s development has also led several communities to make improvements to those trails. Those include ADA-accessible launches that help disabled and elderly boaters access the water.

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