PEW! What’s that SMELL?

Several residents this week reported skunk sightings on Wausau’s southeast side, expressing concern about the black and white, smelly critters. It turns out there have been plenty of calls this year about the animals – more than usual, says Wausau Animal Control Officer Ashlee Bishop. “I’ve had some phone calls from all over the city,” Bishop says.

Should residents be concerned? That depends, Bishop says. If residents spot skunks during the day, there could be a concern about rabies, a disease that can be transmitted to humans via animal bite. A skunk out during the day or acting unafraid of humans could be cause to call a wildlife biologist, Bishop says.

Wildlife concerns aren’t new in that neighborhood. The southeast side had a rabid fox a few years ago, and a coyote was hit and killed there on Grand Avenue last year.