PIANO, murals make a brighter downtown


community piano river district wausau

City officials are considering a request from the Wausau River District to place a community piano on the corner of Third and Jefferson Streets to enhance the vibrancy of downtown.

The piano, covered in waterproofing material, would be available for people to play at


will. Community pianos are a growing phenomenon, says Wausau River District Director Elizabeth Field. About 1,500 pianos have been placed in more than 50 cities worldwide and met with “great enthusiasm,” Field says.

The project is the latest in a string of enhancements from River District. On Aug. 15, the organization, with volunteers from the Boys and Girls Club, painted bright street murals at the intersection of Third and Washington Streets, at the entrance of Wausau Center mall.

The murals help calm heavily-trafficked crosswalks by causing cars to slow down, says Sarah Lentz, a community arts intern for the organization. “[It’s]a bright way to alert driver to the busy pedestrian area,” Lentz says.