Police: Elderon man shot home invader after being stabbed

elderon home invader shot

A town of Elderon senior was stabbed in the garage of his home early Tuesday morning; but police say he shot his attacker, killing him.

According to initial police reports, police say a 79-year-old man was assaulted in the early morning hours of Tuesday in his garage after he returned home. The man followed him home and stabbed him, reports say.

Police say the 79-year-old man was carrying a gun and fired at the attacker. The invader wrestled the gun away from him but then fled the scene. The attacker died from a gunshot wound to the chest, police say. 

The 79-year-old man is recovering in the hospital from non-threatening injuries, according to police reports. 

Police aren’t releasing any further details on the incident, including the names of the suspect or the man who fended him off. 

The investigation is ongoing.