Tara Jane Sullivan

Police still have no clue what happened to missing Weston woman

Tara Jane Sullivan

After weeks of searching, police say they still have no idea what happened to a village of Weston woman who went missing last month. 

The Marathon County Sheriff’s Office first reported last month that Tara Jane Sullivan, 47, of Weston went missing under suspicious circumstances from her Weston home. Police were first alerted to her cell phone being found in Ringle, and then took the phone along to go and check on her. 

She wasn’t there, but Sheriff’s Office officials said the circumstances were suspicious though they didn’t elaborate at the time. 

Now police say that when they arrived at the house, it appeared as though her car had backed out of the garage with the door closed, damaging the door. The way many of her belongings were scattered made it looks like something strange had happened. 

A pair of off-duty Wausau police officers later that same day discovered her car abandoned on Highway 29 near Shawano. 

Police say they’ve searched by foot, vehicle and drone to try to find some clues as to her whereabouts, but still have no idea what happened to her. 

“It’s been incredibly difficult for our investigators to pinpoint the reason for Tara’s disappearance,” shared Captain of Investigations Jeff Stefonek of the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office. “It remains unclear if Tara was experiencing a mental health crisis, was abducted, or left under her own will. Regardless of the reason, we hope Tara returns home safely in the end.”

Sheriff’s Office officials say investigators will continue to review evidence from her cell phone and car in order to understand more about her disappearance.