Rib Mountain

Rib Mountain can take next steps in becoming a village

Rib Mountain

Rib Mountain is ready to start taking the final steps to become a village. 

Town of Rib Mountain residents overwhelmingly voted to become a village in Tuesday’s referendum. Residents voted 1,194 in favor of becoming a village, and 104 voted against. 

The referendum was the last step in a long process of becoming a village that started in 2021. Town officials sought becoming a village because it gives them more control than being a town does – it would protect Rib Mountain against future annexation, or other impositions such as the countywide addressing that happened roughly five years ago. (Towns had no choice but to adopt the grid; villages and cities could choose to opt out.) 

Town officials tell City Pages the next steps are to have the Department of Administration certify the election. Then, the village will hold an election for village board. That will happen 40-50 days following the referendum results.