Riverfront 102716

B.C. Kowalski/City Pages

Riverfront 102716

City leaders tour the nearly complete riverfront development in October 2016.

Much of the East Riverfront Development project’s public parks portion will wrap up this month, though some finishing touches won’t be finished until next year.

The wharf, trails, lighting, street trees and shoreline steps are all on schedule, says Interim Community Development Director Chris Schock. The path that completes the River’s Edge Trail from Oak Island to past Bridge Street will be paved and open, and will be maintained throughout the winter, but pouring patterned concrete at the intersections will be delayed until spring, Schock says, as will the final coat of asphalt on River Drive.

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Additional landscaping and planting will also be performed in the spring when it’s a little warmer, Schock says. Some of the concrete delays are being realigned to match construction schedules of the first phase of the apartment building’s construction by Frantz Community Investors.

A cornerstone of the project, the WOW Family Entertainment Center, is slated to open mid-December. Delays from the window manufacturer pushed the completion date back from its initial October target. Wisconsin Public Service is installing power this week on the building.

The project is expected to be completely finished by mid-July.