RIVER’S EDGE TRAIL nearly complete

Wausau’s east River’s Edge Trail will soon be complete as the city installs a bike-pedestrian bridge at the newly created East Riverfront Development Area.


B.C. Kowalski/City Pages

Crews lowered the bridge this week to complete a continuous east side trail to be open by Christmas.

“This is a very significant milestone in the construction of the River Edge Trail,” says Parks Director Bill Duncanson. “The placement of the bridge will for the first time provide a continuous trail on the east side of the Wisconsin River between Oak Island Park and Winton Street.”

Miron Construction crews received the bridge this week and lowered it into place over Sinchfield Creek between two portal structures with a tall crane on Tuesday.

Final installation, which includes mounting  a series of light fixtures, was originally slated to finish late this week but is delayed due to the extreme cold, says Duncanson. The trail, which runs from Oak Island to past Bridge Street, is a project that first started in the 1980s. Much of the trail gained its land from easements negotiated with private businesses.

The 80-foot-long prefabricated bridge will cost taxpayers $627,000, including $236,000 for the actual structure and $130,000 for the gateway fixtures proceeding the bridge. Additional unspecified installation costs are also expected.

Once open, the trail will be plowed and maintained through the winter.