Rodzina Schofield

Rodzina Restaurant operating in the old Garden House Pancake spot, with a Polish twist

From left, Dineen Gorski, chef Martez Marshall, and Josh Gorski sit under the sign for their Rodzina restaurant located at 508 Grand Ave. in Schofield. The restaurant with Polish cuisine and comfort food has been open since February and boasts a number of unique creations like a blackberry burger and apple pie chicken sandwich. 

At the end of last year, the Garden Pancake House in Schofield closed down unexpectedly, even to its staff. Now a new restaurant opened in what was once a Perkin.

Josh and Dineen Gorski oversee the Rodzina Restaurant at 508 Grand Ave., open since the middle of February. The business – whose name means “family” in Polish – began with takeout, is now serving those who wish to dine in. Rodzina Restaurant is not tied to the Gorski’s restaurant in Mosinee and Josh Gorski says their available menu is widely diversified.

“We try to be different while throwing in some Polish stuff,” he says. “We have a Polish burger and just put pierogies in. We do not want to be just Polish, there’s comfort food for everyone.”

Rodzina — the menu

Indeed, the menu presently lists items like a patty melt and buffalo wrap alongside unique creations like the blackberry burger and apple pie chicken sandwich. The Gorskis credit this kind of twisting and turning of what people know to chef Martez Marshall. 

Marshall says part of his intent is to blend sweet and savory together. Of all his items, the apple pie and chicken sandwich is a highlight – he adds the piece has a unique flavor and gets lots of praise. 

“We use a special recipe for our apple filling,” Marshall says. “It goes with an apple-filled doughnut and then we deep fry or grill chicken and put apples on top of it with a squirt of caramel. The bun is a completely filled doughnut and people give us really good feedback.” 


Reviews online say there is excellent service and good portions and, while the business is coming in on the heels of another which left staff out in the cold, such a thing is not happening here. No one from Garden Pancake House has come in looking for work. Existing staff gel well and are so tight-knit the Gorskis hope they stay for a while. 

“This is such an exciting adventure,” Dineen Gorski says. 

The Rodzina Restaurant is always taking applications for part-time work in the back and front of the house. Those wanting more information can contact them through the Rodzina Restaurant Facebook page or by calling 715-907-1085. They are open from 11 a.m. through 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and closed Monday and Sunday as of this story’s filing. This may change later. 

Evan J. Pretzer is a contributor to City Pages. He can be reached at [email protected]. 

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