ROTHSCHILD clerk retires amid SCRUTINY


Rothschild village

Rothschild’s clerk-treasurer retired last week a day before a meeting in which she may have faced disciplinary action.

The Village Board planned a special meeting Sept. 8 “considering the dismissal, demotion, licensing or discipline of the Village Clerk-Treasurer or the investigation of charges against such person,” according to the agenda. That meeting was cancelled after the officer in question, Debbie Miller, volunteered to retire, says Village President George Peterson. She was on paid leave for a week prior to her resignation.

Peterson wouldn’t say specifically what the issue was, but that it didn’t involve any criminal misconduct. Miller had been with the village six or seven years, Peterson says, and earned more than $60,000 per year.

The village plans to hire an administrator, and Peterson says that could mean some jobs will change within the village, including that of the clerk-treasurer. “There could very easily be a reassignment of duties that could change the whole management structure,” Peterson says.