School contacts and school board members

Wausau School District

Longfellow Administration Center, 415 Seymour St., Wausau, 715-261-0500,

Superintendent  Keith Hilts, 715-261-0505

School Board (elected):

Patrick McKee president, 6500 Tranquil River Ln., 715-841-7009 (w), [email protected]

Lance Trollop treasurer, 11427 Stettin Dr., 715-848-0706 (h), 715-849-3200 (w) [email protected]

Jane Rusch 4522 Forest Valley Rd., 715-551-2740, [email protected]

James Bouche 309 S. 66th Ave., 715-614-8136, [email protected]

Lee Webster T1575 Pine Bluff Rd., 715-842-0944 (w), 715-571-1383 (c), [email protected]

Jon Creisher 715-393-7440 (c)

Karen Vendenberg clerk, 715-581-6553 (c)

Cody Nikolai 715-508-0962 (c)

D.C. Everest Public School District

Administrative offices 6300 Alderson St., Weston, 715-359-4221,

Superintendent Kristine Gilmore

School Board (elected):

Larry Schaefer president,2176 Creciente Dr., 715-359-7374, Kronenwetter, [email protected]

Katie Felch vice president, 226102 County Road J, Weston, 715-212-2265, [email protected]

Joshua Dickerson treasurer, 1720 Highland Ave., 715-571-1774

Bruce Krueger 9503 Cedar Park St., Rothschild, 715-355-4701

Lindsey Lewitzke 1701 Green Vistas Dr., Wausau, 715-581-5871

Corina Norrbom1802 Fawn Ave., Schofield, 715-870-2252

Yee Leng Xiong  clerk, 4809 Augustine Ave., Weston, 715-348-6214, [email protected]

Montessori Schools

Mountain View Montessori  1500 Merrill Ave., Suite 100, Wausau, 715-298-3832. Leah Bjerke, administrator. Infant through kindergarten

Montessori School of Wausau  1921 Wegner St., Wausau, 715-842-7917. Wendy Lombardo, administrator. Preschool only.

Wausau Area Montessori Charter School  Within Horace Mann Middle School, 3101 N. 13th St., Wausau, 715-261-0795. Elizabeth Channel, head of school. Grades K–6

Mosinee Public School District

Administrative offices at Boulevard School, 591 W. Hwy. 153, 715-693-2530,

Superintendent  David Munoz

School Board (elected):

Diane Gorman president, 1019 Pasha Ave., 715-693-6050

Kelli Zebro vice president, 1022 Pasha Ave., 715-693-6567

Jessica Maple clerk, 146718 Whispering Oaks Trail, 715-457-0106

Matthew Barnes 148130 Hosta Rd., 715-321-3101

Amy Baumann 217580 Hwy. KK, 715-574-7004

Mark Gewiss  302 Fourth St., 715-693-4055

Peter Hansen161129 Ledebuhr Rd., 715-693-0031

Kevin Hermening 218404 Hwy. KK, 715-693-4750

Michael Kaiser treasurer, 964 Hilltop Rd., 715-693-6074

Newman Catholic Schools

Administrative offices 619 Stark St., Wausau, 715-845-5735

President Michael Martin

Newman Catholic High 1130 W. Bridge St., Wausau, 715-845-8274. Carl Fech, principal

Newman Catholic Middle School 1130 W. Bridge St., Wausau, 715-845-8274. Ann McManus, principal

Elementary School St. Anne 604 N. Sixth Ave., Wausau, 715-845-5754. Terry Vechinski, principal • Grades K–5

Elementary School St. Mark 602 Military Rd., Rothschild, 715-359-9662. Tina Meyer, principal • Grades preschool plus 4K–5

Early Childhood Centers:

St. Michael 615 Stark St., Wausau, 715-848-0206. Jaclyn Lepak, director • Preschool 4K and childcare, infant to 6 yr.

St. Therese 112 W. Kort St., Schofield, 715-355-5254. Amy Faust, director • 4K and childcare, infant to 6 yr.

Other parochial/private schools

Hillside Christian School 6300 Bittersweet Road, Wausau, 715-241-7722. Charlyn Marsh, principal • Grades K–8

St. Paul Catholic School 404 High St., Mosinee, 715-693-2675. Grades 4K–5

Northland Lutheran High School 2107 Tower Rd., Kronenwetter, 715-359-3400Ryan Wiechmann, administrator

Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School 601 Maple Ridge Rd., Mosinee, 715-693-2693. Jamie Wehrs, interim administrator

Faith Christian Academy 225 S. 28th Ave., Wausau, 715-842-0797.Grades 3K–12

Trinity Lutheran School 501 Stewart Ave. Wausau, 715-848-0166. Bill Zuelsdorff, principal • Grades 4K–8

Our Savior’s Evangelical Lutheran Elementary 703 Flieth St., Wausau, 715-845-3253 Ethan Hutchinson, Principal. • Pre-school, plus K–8

St. John Lutheran School E10723 CTH Z, 715-842-5212. Mary Jo Prahl, administrator • Preschool–8