See all the contested races in the Wausau area

Robert Mielke and Katie Rosenberg

BC Kowalski

Robert Mielke and Katie Rosenberg

A collage of Robert Mielke (left) and Katie Rosenberg

Katie Rosenberg will challenge incumbent mayor Robert Mielke this spring, after a second challenger didn’t turn in final nomination papers. 

Chris Norfleet turned in paperwork to run for District 1 city council, not for mayor as had been expected. Norfleet will challenge incumbent Pat Peckham for the council seat. 

After Tuesday’s filing deadline, there are nine contested Wausau City Council seats, 11 Marathon County Board seats, and there will be contested seats on Wausau School Board, Merrill city council and more. 

Primary races will be held on Feb. 18; the general election is April 7.

Contested races are listed as follows (and City Pages will update as more clerks send us their info): 

Wausau City Council 

District 1 (Southeast Side): Pat Peckham (incumbent); Christopher Norfleet

District 2 (Southeast, east of Grand Avenue): Michael Martens (i); Tiffany Rodriguez-Lee 

District 3 (Wisconsin River corridor north of Thomas, downtown): David Nutting (i); Tom Kilian 

District 4 (East of downtown): Tom Neal (i); Judith Miller 

District 5 (Bridge Street, E Wausau Avenue corridor): Jim Wadinski; Joel Lewis 

District 7 (Northside, NTC area): Lisa Rasmussen (i); Tracy Wheatley 

District 8 (Wausau West area): Linda Lawrence (i); Sarah Watson

District 10 (Southwest, Lake Wausau Area): Sherry Abitz; Donna Krause; Lou Larson

District 11 (Marathon Park, Hospital area): Debra Ryan; Patrick Bacher 

Marathon County Board

District 1 (Wausau, Southeast side): Michelle Van Krey; Isaiah Hoogendyk

District 2 (Wausau, east of Grand Ave.): Romey Wagner (i); Jenifer Bizzotto

District 3 (Wausau, downtown and Wis. River area): David Nutting (i); William Harris 

District 6 (Wausau, north Bridge St. area): Jeff Johnson (i); Jack Hoogendyk 

District 7 (Wausau, NTC area): Mary Ann Crosby (i); Becky Buch 

District 16 (east Rothschild): Jeff Zriny (i); Bill Conway

District 29 (Towns of Cleveland, Eau Pleine, McMillan; Village of Stratford): Jim Bove (i); Chris Dickinson

District 33 (Town of Stettin, village of Marathon): Tim Buttke (i); Ron Covelli 

District 35 (Towns of Marathon, Emmet, Mosinee): Jacob Lanenhahn (i); William Litzer 

District 36 (Town of Rib Mountain): Michelle Schaefer; Bruce Lamont 

District 38 (Towns of Stettin, Berlin, village of Maine): James Sala; Jonathan Fisher 

Merrill City Council

District 1 (Northeast): Paul Russell (i); Gary Broesch; Becky Meyer

District 5 (Northwest): John Van Lieshout (i); Shannon Collins

District 6 (Southwest): Mike Ruck (i); Kyle Gulke

(Note: District 7 in Merrill was held by Rob Norton. Norton didn’t file non-candidacy paperwork, according to the Merrill city clerk, so the deadline was extended to Jan. 10. Anyone except Norton can turn in paperwork by that date. 

Wausau School Board (4 vying for three seats): 

Ka Lo; Cody Nikolai; Lance Trollop (i); Lee Webster (i)

Weston Village Board (5 vying for three seats):

Steven Cronin; Hooshang Zeyghami; Yee Leng Xiong; Loren White; Mark Maloney

Rib Mountain Board (Three vying for two seats):

John Happli; Gerard Klein; Dan Fiorenza