Officials at Granite Peak Ski Area have their fingers on the snowmaking machine buttons as they wait for colder temperatures to arrive. Warmer temps have already pushed back the opening by a week.

Granite Peak typically opens the weekend before Thanksgiving, says General Manager Vicki Baumann, but above-average temperatures have made snowmaking impossible.

It takes about a good, solid week of snowmaking to generate enough snow to cover the first runs with enough snow for skiers, Baumann says. Miracle is the first run and the ski area will open with only that one covered, but would prefer to have a few additional runs open before kicking off the season.

Colder temperatures are in the forecast, Baumann says, and that will hopefully allow the ski area to open soon. “A lot of people are already calling, inquiring about the holidays,” Baumann says. Skiers can keep updated by checking Granite Peak’s website and Facebook page. 

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