Smoothie operator

Kayla Ermeling plans to open her smoothie health shop, Ignite Nutrition in the former Studio 7 space — adding a healthy option to the downtown scene


Kayla Ermeling is opening Ignite Nutrition downtown to offer workouts and healthy smoothies in the storefront formerly occupied by Studio 7.

When Kayla Ermeling returned to Wausau from studying in Mexico as a college student, she wasn’t happy with the weight she’d gained in the country south of us.

She started using smoothies to replace meals and lost more than 20 pounds. That regimen worked for her, and Ermeling hopes to help others do the same when she opens Ignite Nutrition Sept. 5 in downtown Wausau, in the Third Street storefront that was formerly Studio 7. That consignment shop closed in January after a grand opening only a couple of months prior.

Ignite Nutrition will feature more than 30 flavors of smoothies that will be paired with an aloe shot and herbal tea meant to boost metabolism. Ermeling also will offer free workouts and weight loss challenges.

Ermeling has high hopes for the downtown location. All the events downtown, paired with being located just a few blocks from the YMCA, should provide plenty of traffic for her business, Ermeling says. And next year she says she would like to hold some of her workout events outside on The 400 Block.

“Every community needs healthy options and a place where they can feel welcome,” Ermeling says. “Our whole downtown is working on a new school way of forward thinking, of being healthier, of having healthier options and taking care of ourselves.”

Ignite Nutrition will be open in the morning and afternoon, with the aim of helping people replace unhealthy meals with a nutritious smoothie instead, Ermeling says. Find Ignite Nutrition on Facebook.