STREAMING NOW: What to watch

Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23

Netflix | 26 episodes

Before she was Jessica Jones, and after she was a Breaking Bad casualty, Krysten Ritter was the funniest chick ABC ever dared to cancel.


Hulu | 10 episodes

Before she was the B, Krysten Ritter starred in this mopey-but-magnetic Starz dramedy about a suicide-survivors group that’s occasionally as dark-humored as Jessica Jones.

Penny Dreadful

Hulu, Netflix | 27 episodes


The just-ended Showtime steampunk soap opera that’s one part Victorian X-Files and 50 parts crazeepy (crazy + creepy), with Eva Green’s killer performance inducing all the feels.

Better Off Ted

Netflix | 26 episodes

Ted Crisp (Jay Harrington) works for mega-corporation Veridian Dynamics, an obvious precursor to Mr. Robot’s Evil Corp., in yet another of ABC’s genius comedy cancellations.


Hulu, Netflix | 10 episodes

Steve Coogan (stepping in for Phillip Seymour Hoffman) seethes hilariously as an advertising man in way more midlife turmoil than Don Draper ever drank through. A 2015 one-season-wonder.

The Venture Bros.

Hulu | 26 of 75 episodes

Not just the best cartoon on Adult Swim, but the best—and most densely back-storied—animated series ever, with a richer character bench than the Marvel Cinematic Universe (yeah, I said it).

Birds of Prey

Amazon Prime | 13 episodes

In 2002, long before the DC Comics TV takeover, The WB gave us Batman’s daughter, Huntress, fighting crime and meta-humans in Gotham. For DC completeists, mostly… maybe only.

The Good Guys

Netflix | 20 episodes

A criminally overlooked 2010 Fox buddy-cop comedy starring Colin Hanks and a way over-the-top Bradley Whitford as Dallas detectives. Not to be confused with the lesser The Other Guys.

The Riches

Amazon Prime, Netflix | 20 episodes

Killed off by the 2008 TV writers’ strike, The Riches, about a family of traveling grifters led by Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver, should have been an FX classic.

Invader Zim

Hulu | 27 episodes

Pint-sized alien Zim is dispatched to Earth to prep the planet for takeover, resulting in one of the smartest and funniest cartoons ever to wind up on Nickelodeon. How did that happen?


Netflix | 73 episodes

Where La Femme Nikita was ponderously talky and Canadian, The CW’s Nikita upped the action and intrigue, putting Maggie Q and Lyndsy Fonseca up-front as serious 98-pound


Lucky Louie

Amazon Prime | 13 episodes

Louis C.K.’s comedy experiment—a cheap 70s-style sitcom with adult language and nudity—plays even better now than it did in 2006, removed from TV critics who don’t “get” it.


Crackle | 26 episodes

Hank Azaria starred as troubled psychiatrist Dr. Craig “Huff” Huffstodt in this overlooked 2004–2006 Showtime series, along with Oliver Platt. No, no one else has heard of it, either.

Bill Frost is a writer for the Salt Lake City Weekly.