Test ballots accidentally left at Kwik Trip, clerk says

A batch of test ballots were accidentally left at a Kwik Trip gas station last week, the county clerk said in a press release. 

The test ballots were from the Town of Day, in the southwestern portion of Marathon County. Town of Day officials accidentally left the ballots at a Wausau Kwik Trip Friday afternoon. 

A resident found the ballots and returned them to Wausau City Hall. Marathon County Clerk Kim Trueblood says that new test ballots will be issued to the officials from Day so that they can run tests prior to the April election. 

Election officials use test ballots to run tests on the machines. Election officials from across the county have been picking up ballots from the county clerk’s office Friday and Monday in order to run the tests, Trueblood says.

The errant test ballots have all been recovered by the county clerk and will be destroyed.

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