The BUZZ: Conveniently LOCAL

When Carrie and Chad Sickler open their new Mobil gas station in Kronenwetter next week, it will be the only one within village limits. That fact alone makes it noteworthy—its proximity for village residents might be more than enough to guarantee success.


Chad Sickler stands at the pumps of his new gas station and convenience store, which he and his wife, Carrie, are trying to make as local as possible.

But the Sicklers decided that wasn’t enough. Their approach is to make everything in the store as local and unique as possible, and they hope customers will notice.

For starters, the Sicklers wanted to go beyond typical gas station brand coffee and push-button cappuccinos. Instead, they partnered with local roaster Condor Coffee Company, and will have at least six different varieties available at any time. That includes a full espresso bar, with cappuccinos, lattes and espressos like you’d get at a coffee shop.

Want to order a pizza, even while you’re at the pump? Order a pie at the terminal while your car fills with gas, print out a QR code, and go inside or through the station’s drive thru window—one of the few drive thru windows in the state not attached to a fast food restaurant. Inside, customers will find Cedar Crest Ice Cream, made in Cedarburg, and a frozen yogurt bar with local ingredients. Even the fans above their heads will come from Greenheck Fan Corp. based right here in the Wausau area.

The gas station’s liquor section is holding to the local theme as well, complete with Wisconsin wines and craft beer. That includes mix-and-match six packs, where customers can select a variety of craft beers to build their own.

The hyper-local focus is important, Carrie Sickler says, because it helps them stand out from the larger convenience store operations nearby. It’s a formula that’s worked in their other stores in Park Falls and Minocqua, one they believe Kronenwetter residents will also embrace.

They own gas station and convenience stores in Weston, Park Falls and Minocqua, along with Chad’s parents Lois and Rick Sickler.

The Kronenwetter store is expected to open Dec. 1.