The new Dawg House Weston is making an art form out of hot dogs

A dog can offer you unconditional love, adventure, and many joyous moments. But Rob and Molly Schultz’s three-year-old Archie went a step further – he helped them find the foundation for their newest business, Dawg House Weston. 

Dawg House mascot

The Great Dane and Mastiff mix is the face of the Dawg House Weston hotdog eatery now running after opening its doors in May. While many entrepreneurial adventures in City Pages are the product of recent thinking and first-time experiences for those behind them, the Schultz’s have a background in service thanks to Rob previously owning a bar in Weston. Dawg House Weston is the product of a decade in the making and Archie helped the business fully coalesce.

“At first, the timing was just not right,” Molly Schultz says. “Our kids were involved in a lot of stuff, we had other businesses going, and when we saw this place for rent, it seemed like it was the right time for ‘well, let’s give it a try.’ We began working with the location in January and when we thought of what our logo would be and hot dogs and dog houses, Archie just clicked.”

Though their precious pooch has gone “totally Hollywood” as Molly Schultz jokes, he does not have a regular role in the restaurant apart from being on the logo and designating what of the 12 hot dogs on the menu are his favorites. 

Some of those styles of hot dogs include everything from plain dogs, to the Windy City Dog which is essentially the classic Chicago hot dog, to a German-style one called the Dusseldorf Dog. They also offer French fry dishes covered in chili and cheese, or pulled porl. Patrons can also order from a kids menu, or build their own custom hot dog. 

All of that in a colorfully decorated restaurants kids should get a kick out of. 

Beginning in July, the Schultz’s want to have a unique monthly dog for any pet, girl, or guy to try and, while a hot dog can be made by anyone at home, the pair has a selection of unique creations on offer they feel make them worth visiting regularly.

“They are just a bit different,” Molly Schultz adds. “Our Boss Hog Dog, my husband adds his homemade pulled pork to it and it is really popular. We also have a Mac Daddy Dog which has macaroni and cheese with bacon on it and who doesn’t love bacon and fun combos like that?”

If a May 28 post from the Central Wisconsin Grub: A Guide to the Best Bites in the Heart of Wisconsin is any indication, the answer will be no one as Dawg House Weston’s attention grows. 

“I highly recommend it to anyone in the Weston area looking for a gourmet twist on a classic.”