Third Street umbrellas returning

(First published in the July 19, 2018 issue of City Pages)


Compass Properties Manager Mark Craig told City Pages last week that he’s about to order another batch of umbrellas for the Third Street corridor in front of the Wausau Center mall—the block of buildings mostly owned by Compass. The umbrellas will take about two weeks to arrive and another two weeks to prepare and hang. So expect the umbrellas up in about a month or so, Craig says.

Why did they go missing in the first place? A wind storm last year blew them over onto the street, raising liability concerns over who would be responsible for any damages, Craig says. The city since has agreed to take on the liability of the cables, as long as Craig buys the umbrellas and pays for them to be prepped.

The umbrellas cost about $2,000, and another $2,000 to prepare for hanging, Craig says.