Wolf Wisconsin

Tiffany seeking input on new wolf legislation

District No. 7 Congressman Tom Tiffany is seeking public input about what to do about gray wolves in the state. 

Tiffany introduced a bill recently that would delist the gray wolf from the national endangered species list. The gray wolf, which was once hunted nearly to extinction and has been reintroduced into states including Wisconsin, now has been permanently added to the endangered species list. 

Tiffany in introducing the bill, called the “Trust the Science Act,” says he wants to see states given the authority to manage wolves. Wisconsin briefly had a hunting season for wolves as their numbers in the state grew. 

As wolf numbers have grown in the state, so have the numbers of depredations (wolves killing livestock or pets). There were 50 such incidents from April 2021 to April 2022. There were 58 the previous cycle. The vast majority occurred in the northern part of the state where the highest concentrations of wolves exist. 

According to maps, Marathon County does have a small population of wolves.  Tiffany sent the survey to his mailing list, and a link appears deep into a press release about the wolf legislation he proposed.

Here is the link to the survey.

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