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Tres Hermanos has been closed since December; now the new taqueria is open

tres hermanos taqueria wausau mexican food

The owners of Tres Hermanos 13 years ago opened the first taqueria and Mexican grocery store in Wausau. 

The restaurant was consistently named a hidden gem for its authentic Mexican cuisine. It often earning the comment from visitors that it reminded them of their time in Mexico. 

Tres Hermanos on Thursday opened its new taqueria on Sixth and Bridge streets. The taqueria’s opening also comes with some new menu items, says Tres Hermanos manager Annie Williams.

Tres Hermanos evolution

For years Tres Hermanos operated on Fulton Street, along with its Mexican grocery store. The owners, Gonzalo and Rosalba Ramirez, then bought the old Handcrafted Furniture Store on Sixth and Bridge, turning it into an expanded Mexican grocery store in 2018.

Last week Taqueria Tres Hermanos opened right next door to the grocery store, and customers of the former location won’t be disappointed. The same authentic cuisine from the Fulton Street location is back but with some new innovations that customers will find delightful. 

The Fulton Street location closed in December, so the owners were anxious to get the new restaurant open, Rosalba tells City Pages via Williams translating. 

“Yes, because we want to receive the Wausau community here,” Rosalba says. 

New menu items

Tres Hermanos taqueria mexican food

There will be new menu items such as a crunchy burrito, tampiquena (Mexican steak), shrimp cocktails, and alambre, a dish of skewered and roasted meats and veggies (it means “wire” in Spanish). 

All of the recipes come from the Ramirez’s home area of Veracruz, Mexico. The owners spared no expense on the kitchen, including special equipment to make carnitas. The process of making them can take hours, Williams says. 

Williams says other restaurant owners in the area have to come the Ramirez family to get advice on dishes, including what spices to choose. Just the other day a man looking to start a tamale store in the Northwoods sought out Rosalba for advice, Williams says. The tamales, like everything else in Tres Hermanos, is made from scratch. 

But the owners are most proud and appreciative of the reception they’ve had from their customers, which come from people of all backgrounds. They’ve been voted best hidden gem in City Pages’ annual reader survey several times. “We love to serve our community, the Latin community and the American community,” Rosalba says. “Everyone is welcome.”

Tres Hermanos is open every day from 11 am to 9 pm. They also plan to serve desayuno (breakfast) in the near future. Tres Hermanos is located at 1600 N. Sixth Street, on the corner of Sixth and Bridge. 

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