UPDATE: Police release names of shooting victims


Dino Corvino/For City Pages

Officers stand guard near an apartment complex following a number of shootings in the metro south region March 22.

Police officials have released the names of victims of a series of shootings Wednesday in Rothschild, Schofield and Weston that left one officer, two bank employees and one lawyer dead.

Everest Metro Police Det. Jason Weiland was shot while setting up a perimeter at an apartment where the shooter was suspected to be, police say. That shooter, police say, had just shot Dianne Look, 67, and Karen Barclay, 62; then a short time later went to Tlusty, Kennedy and Dirks and shot attorney Sara Quirt Sann, 43. None of the shooting victims survived.

Police say they were called to Marathon Savings Bank in Rothschild around 12:30 pm Wednesday for a domestic disturbance call, and the man had already left when officers arrived. Police were called back to the scene and found two people critically injured. Police then received a call a short time later for another shooting at Tlusty, Kennedy and Dirks in Schofield. They then were called to an apartment complex at Aspen Street and Ross Avenue in Weston.

Jason Weiland.jpg

Everest Metro Police Department

Detective Jason Weiland

Police Chief Wally Sparks says that Weiland’s bravery likely prevented further deaths Wednesday. Sparks couldn’t hold back his tears when someone asked him to speak about Weiland. “He was like a member of the family,” Sparks said. 

The state Department of Justice, in its release, posted this information about the shooting victims: 

Dianne M. Look grew up in many places, but she called Wisconsin home. A graduate of DC Everest High School, Dianne was the loving mother to two children, Christy Bleu and Chuck Mientke. Dianne will be remembered as a loyal employee of Marathon Savings Bank, where she has been a branch manager since 1998. Dianne valued the customer relationship and loved to serve her customers and neighbors. Dianne met her husband, Robert Look, while working at a local bank in 1988. The two married in 1992 and lived in South Dakota for a number of years before returning to Wisconsin in 1998. They have resided in Wisconsin since. Dianne and Robert celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this past Valentine’s Day. Dianne was 67-years-old.

Karen L. Barclay moved to Wisconsin in 1993 and was employed at Marathon Savings Bank for more than five years. She was a loving mother to one daughter and two granddaughters, ages four and seven. Karen will always be remembered as “mum mum” by her granddaughters. Karen was extremely dedicated to her work. She loved her holidays, co-workers, and spending time with family. Karen was 62-years-old.

Sara H. Quirt Sann was a life-long resident of Wausau. She was a loving wife, daughter, sister, stepmom, aunt, friend, and a community servant. Sara loved golf, yoga, practicing law, and her dog, Mary. Sara was 43-years-old.

Police say they will release further details about the suspect, including whether he has had previous contact with law enforcement, at a later time. The suspect is currently in custody and undergoing treatment at an area hospital.