UPDATED: Health Department working on website form to report mask complaints




The Marathon County Health Department says it plans this week to add a form to its website for people to file complaints about violations of the governor’s mask mandate. 

Marathon County Coronavirus Public Information Officer Judy Burrows initially told City Pages and other news outlets the form would be up on Friday but says the department wasn’t able to get the form up by the end of the day. It will instead appear this week, Burrows says. 

The tab is intended to allow residents to report violations of the mask order they witness in Marathon County. Burrows says the county health and law enforcement will work with violators to make sure they are following the mask mandate. 

“We’re working with the sheriff’s office and the district attorney’s office to review what kind of violations we’re seeing,” Burrows says. “We understand its a new habit for people to get into, so we don’t want to penalize people for forgetting to wearing their mask one time; but we do want to get people into the habit of wearing masks.” 

Gov. Evers last month issued a mandate for people in Wisconsin to wear a mask in indoor locations and recommended them for public gatherings outside when social distancing is not possible. Some northern sheriffs such as Lincoln County’s have said they will not enforce the mask mandate, and Marathon County Sheriff Scott Parks told City Pages the enforcement aspect didn’t come with much instruction by the state.