UPDATES on deck for NCHC POOL, nursing home

Updates to Mount View Care Center and to the aquatic therapy pool at North Central Health Care are in the works, pending a successful negotiation between the county and NCHC leaders.


Plans are underway to renovate the aquatic therapy pool at NCHC.

The county had already planned for a roughly $13.5 million renovation of Mount View Care Center, run by NCHC as the county’s nursing home, but those plans were placed indefinitely on hold amid squabbles over NCHC’s handling of mental health in the jail.

The county spent more than $660,000 on consulting and design fees before that project was scrapped.

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 County leaders are now negotiating a new contract with NCHC that is expected to be approved in December. Improvements to the warm water therapy pool at NCHC were also put on hold until the contract can be worked out.

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Leaders say they want to make sure that when the contract is approved, that the renovations are ready to go. Supervisor John Robinson says if the county is going to approve the renovations, they should do so right away to take advantage of low bids early in the year. If they’re approved and bid out in July, for example, they would be more expensive because most contractors have their year planned out already and can afford to charge more.

The county’s health and human services committees will discuss both plans at their next meetings.