Vang tried to change insurance payout the day of shooting


Nengmy Vang, the man who went on a domestic-related shooting rampage in March that killed three people and an Everest Metropolitan Police Detective, tried to change his life insurance policy hours before the shooting so his brother would get the money instead of his wife, court records show.

Vang, who was shot by police that day and later died, had life insurance from Primerica worth $220,000, for which his estranged wife, Naly Vang, and seven children were named as beneficiaries. A lawsuit in Marathon County is asking the circuit court to decide the payment so the insurance company isn’t liable for a lawsuit. Police say that Vang tried to kill his wife on March 22, but when she fled he instead killed her attorney, two employees of Marathon Savings Bank and a police detective who was setting up a perimeter outside of Vang’s apartment where Vang was shot following a standoff with police.

The policy change hadn’t gone through by the time Vang engaged in the shooting, according to court records, so his wife, Naly Vang, remained the beneficiary. The lawsuit’s purpose is so that the court will decide the appropriate payout and indemnify Primerica.