Wausau e-scooter ordinance gets first city approval

wausau e-scooter

City leaders gave the first OK to allow Wausau e-scooter rentals in the city. 

The city’s Public Health and Safety Committee Monday approved an ordinance that would set rules for e-scooters, allowing them to operate similar to bicycles in the city. 

Wausau started looking at an e-scooter ordinance because a company, Bird Co., contacted the city earlier this year to inquire about setting up shop. But that would mean updating the ordinance, according to materials handed out to city leaders. 

City staff reached out to Green Bay to find out what they had done. They checked statistics – no injuries from scooters were reported to Bird Co. or to Green Bay police. An area hospital had reported one injury but it was unclear whether it was a company scooter or a private one. 

Wausau Police Department leaders say they’re largely in support of the ordinance. City staff members believe they could be one more mode of travel that residents could utilize. 

The ordinance passed with little commentary. The city council will still need to approve the ordinance.

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