Wausau East teacher creates signs to send off students


B.C. Kowalski

Wausau East Teacher Dave Lee poses with signs he created to say goodbye to his outgoing students.

Wausau East advanced psychology teacher David Lee wasn’t able to bid farewell to his students as he typically does every year. So he came up with a different idea: yard signs. 

Outside his house on the southeast side of Wausau there are signs for each of his students in his advanced psychology class posted throughout his yard. The signs are former political signs for his wife, Mayor Katie Rosenberg, and were painted over in white. Each one had one of his students’ names in large letters.  

Lee had sent a video to all his students to say goodbye but felt he needed to do more to honor his students, so he created the signs. Students have been visiting the yard, and many stopped to write messages on the back of them. Some filled up nearly the entire back of the signs. 

The display also included a message for his students written in chalk at his southeast side home. The class was a two-year one preparing students for a five hour International Baccalaureate exam. The message thanks students for “enduring my teaching for two years.”  

Many students wrote messages on the back of the signs, thanking him for his teaching and what his class meant to them.

Lee has worked as a teacher for 21 years.