Wausau Fire Department films “The Office” parody to announce new firefighters

Wausau Fire Department staff and city videographer Ethan Barnes filmed a parody of The Office with firefighters.

The Wausau Fire Department created a new short film in the style of “The Office” TV show to promote its new firefighters.

The film, called ‘The Fire Department,” tells the tale of a new recruit at the Wausau Fire Department on the verge of leaving probation — but one little problem promises to tank his promotion. Through the narrative the film talks about the Wausau Fire Department receiving a FEMA Safer grant that will fund 12 new Firefighters for the first three years.

Wausau Fire Department Chief Robert Barteck sounded the alarm recently that call volumes for the fire department have increased while fire department staff hadn’t grown since the 1970s.

Community Communications Specialist Ethan Barnes filmed the short on location at the Wausau FD, with firefighters playing the roles.