Wausau leaf collection hits snag, frustrating residents 

Wausau Leaf Pickup

Wausau leaf collection this year has hit some delays, city leaders say — but for some the delay wasn’t long enough. 

City workers are working their way through the second phase of leaf collection — trouble with equipment such as the leaf bailer delayed the schedule, city officials say. City crews have completed most of the east side.  

But a longer delay might actually have been better. Most of the major leaf drops hadn’t happened yet when city crews came through even their second run. Yards on the city’s east side following the Wausau leaf pickup looked like they’d never been touched. 

Workers might send vacuum trucks to some areas to pick up remaining leaves. City officials say there are no guarantees they will return to any given area, however. The city has extended the hours of the yard waste site every day except Thursday. 

The pickup delays and timing have led to confusion, as some residents were unsure whether or not crews were returning. Some are still raking leaves into the street and it’s unclear whether or not crews will return to any given neighborhood.

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