Wausau Police identify suspect in strange power meter vandalism

Wausau Police nab power meter vandal
Police shared video of someone damaging a power meter with what looks like a machete last week. Police have since identified the suspect.

Wausau Police have identified a man in connection with damaging a residential power meter on the city’s east side. 

Police last week shared video footage of a man stepping onto a residential property in the 300 block of N. Bellis Street. The man is dressed in a black balaclava and carrying a long blade that appears to be a machete. The man hacks apart the power meter, cutting off power to the area,. He then does something to tamper with it. 

Police say the suspect has done this multiple times in the past few months and they believe he lived in the neighborhood. 

Wausau police on Saturday morning say they identified and located the individual responsible for the damage. City Pages asked for more details on the suspect and whether or not he’d been arrested, and has not yet heard back.

Nobody with charges matching the incident appeared on the Marathon County Jail Log Monday morning, which would typically cover weekend crimes.

This story will be updated with more details when available.

See the video Wausau Police posted on their Facebook page.

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